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Stanford's Department of Project Management (DPM) provides professionally structured leadership to plan and develop high-value, quality, long-term cost effective facilities and landscapes that enhance the academic mission of the University, embrace our partnership with our community, and reinforce our stewardship of Stanford lands.

Terms of Use

  • Users must be authorized by Stanford’s Department of Project Management in order to gain access.
  • Users can create and edit projects for their schools only.
  • Each school is expected to maintain a minimum of 5 current projects in the database in order to continue to access the data.
  • Membership is limited to higher education institutions only. The information and reports in this database are for internal school use only. This information is not to be shared with outside consultants, architects and/or contractors.
  • This website has been prepared and is maintained in good faith by Stanford University. Stanford does not present this information as being accurate or complete. Please be aware that this information may in fact be incomplete, may be error prone or may not be current. Stanford University reserves the right to modify or delete data at any time. Stanford also reserves the right to restrict access to this web site.
  • The Contact information provided for each project is limited for communication regarding project specifics only.
  • All data provided on the Site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace official documents.
  • The Stanford Project Delivery Process can be found at lbre.stanford.edu/dpm/PDP_Process
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